Review Requests & Policies

I am an independent book blogger that reads books in exchange for honest reviews.

To request a review please email me at



My Policies:
Genre: This blog will focus on all fiction genres, since I am a very eclectic reader and read anything from Young Adult, Adult, Mystery, Paranormal, Urban Fantasy, Romance, Science Fiction, and last but not least sometimes even Middle Grade!

Time: The time it takes to read your request depends on how many requests I have total. If you wish to send me an ARC, I will strive to have it read by the release date so I can review it before or on the day it comes out. My priority list goes as so: ARCs (before the release date), Blog Tour books (if I have one coming up), Review Requests, and lastly my own personal books.

Your Request: 
So I have a few rules for what you should include in your email request:

* The book's title
*The book's genre
* What you want me to do. Some authors want reviews on Amazon, Goodreads etc. Please tell me if there is anything specific or helpful I can do to help promote your book further.
*When would you like your book to be reviewed by?

So what are you waiting for? Request a review today!